In FutureGroup, we collaborate closely with partners and market leaders to deliver full spectrum of modelling and simulation systems and solutions:

  • Virtual Simulation. A simulation involving real people operating simulated systems. Virtual simulations inject human-in-the-loop in a central role by exercising motor control skills, for example, flying an airplane.
  • Constructive Simulation. A constructive simulation is a computer program. It includes simulated people operating simulated systems. Real people perform human-on- the-loop injects (such as decision-making) to allow the computer program to generate the outcomes.
  • Immersive Simulation.  Immersive simulation explores Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technologies to generate synthetic environment for first-person perspective simulation. Physics and Artificial Intelligence are used to create believable behaviour in objects & characters that humans can freely interact.
  • Integrated Live-Virtual- Constructive (LVC) Simulation. LVC simulation is a broadly used taxonomy describing a mixture of live, virtual and constructive simulation. Live simulation involves real people operating real systems, for example, military training exercise.

We deliver advanced Modelling & Simulation
solutions and first class simulation operation &
support services


Few things in this world are static. This is particularly true of simulation projects. They seek continually to redefine themselves. In FutureGroup, we have the deep knowledge and experience to know that as a project develops, discoveries are made. Some of these discoveries reinforce the project’s original direction, while others force a change in direction. As knowledge is gained, some issues take on less importance, while others begin to dominate the client’s attention. Indeed, the client can easily become engrossed with questions that were not even considered when the project began. Success in such a dynamic environment requires working to a set of principles. Without well-founded principles, a simulation project can drift aimlessly, increasing its chances of failure. In FutureGroup, we have developed a set of simulation principles that serve as navigational guidelines for conducting a successful simulation project. With these principles, we help our clients to ensure the project remains true to its course. Our simulation project consultancy is an end-to-end service, working with our clients from problem formulation, model conceptualisation, data collection, model building, verification and validation, analysis, to documentation and implementation.  


As a natural extension of our simulation project consultancy service, we provide (1) customised simulation system training for clients, (2) qualified trainers who have in-depth knowledge of the simulation systems to support clients’ operation proficiency training, (3) simulation centre operation and management and (4) onsite systems maintenance, repair and system upgrading.