The complex future environment is our playing field. In FutureGroup, our mindset is about knowledge, transformation and being future-ready. We deliver insights and innovative solutions to critical challenges facing our clients. We collaborate with partners to build and grow sustainable business into the future, together.

We do not believe in “one-size-fits-all” solutions. We are phenomenally disciplined in focusing on discovering insights to complex problems, providing unique cutting-edge solutions, adding value to clients’ businesses, developing lasting relationship and collaborating with partners.

FutureGroup is the only commercial entity in this region, to provide concept development and experimentation consultancy, to help our clients to gain insights into their future problems and to generate game-changing solutions to those identified challenges. We also have an uniquely designed Experimentation-as-a-Service to help clients to ascertain application of enablers and to scientifically assess its effectiveness and suitability in the operational setting. 

Working with industry leading partners, we provide efficient and best value integrated defense & security solutions, cyber security services, modelling & simulation systems and services and knowledge management services for both government agencies and commercial clients.

We draw upon our intimate understanding of our customers’ needs, deep domain expertise, and our skilled team of professionals to develop and deliver on-target solutions for critical missions.

At FutureGroup, we are fully committed to integrity, performance, collaboration, lifelong learning and most of all, to our customers’ success.

Our Vision

To be the most valued partners and recognised as the best in our field of work

Our Mission

To solve our clients’ future problems

Our Values

  • Client Centrality   Our business is to add value to our customers’ business. We are obsessed with achieving excellent performance and outputs for the clients.
  • Always Exploring   There is no boundary and limit in exploring possibilities.
  • Lifelong Learning   As a knowledge-based and future-focused company, lifelong learning is the only survival kit, to keep us relevant in the fast-changing world.
  • Integrity   We always stand by our words even when circumstances change.
  • Partnership   Win-Win is the only outcome we seek to achieve in any collaboration and partnership.
  • Reward for Work, Work for Reward   We recognise our people’s contribution, efforts and wits.