TECHNOLOGY ENABLER EVALUATION is designed to determine and wherever possible, enhance the overall effectiveness of an enabler by evaluating the operational effectiveness and suitability of the system under realistic operational conditions. Throughout the rigorous process, it will determine if the effectiveness and suitability requirement have been satisfied and will aid to develop the initial employment concept for the system.

Operational Effectiveness is the overall degree of task accomplishment of the enabler when used by representative personnel in the environment planned or expected for operation employment of the system.

Operational Suitability is the degree to which the enabler can be placed satisfactorily in field use with consideration given to compatibility, interoperability, reliability, safety, human factors & workload, environmental effects and impacts and training requirements.

Our EaaS helps clients to ascertain the application of the Technology Enablers in term of their operational effectiveness and suitability in an operational setting


EMPIRICAL. The insight from our Technology Enablers Evaluation methodology is derived from carefully designed investigation and the outcome is verifiable or provable by means of observation as opposed to theoretical knowledge

RIGOR.  Our Technology Enablers Evaluation methodology adheres to stipulated standards and maintain strict consistency with predefined processes

VALIDITY. The quality of our Technology Enablers Evaluation findings are and will always be logical and factually sound

RELIABILITY. The quality of Technology Enablers Evaluation findings are and will always be trustworthy and with a high degree of accuracy